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Experimental methods are presented in the learning of teachers will bring a positive impact on student success in mastering knowledge. Some of the profits if the learning is presented with experimental methods, among others:
1. Students acquire knowledge through learning experience, not merely verbal info from the teacher.
2. Students’ knowledge gained will be more understanding and not just a memory or
3. Students will be more skilled to conduct investigations, solve practical problems and
prove the theoretical assumptions.
4. Will form a scientific attitude in students so that students will have a tenacious personality
and resilient to face future life.

The measures that can be done on teaching and learning process teachers in utilizing the environment by using experimental methods, among others:
1. Determining the right environment with the Basic Competency and Indicator
2. Teacher observation instrument set
3. Students make observations of the environment
4. Discussion on the observation of some facts and problems
5. Formulate hypothesis to prove the data or to solve problems.
6. Perform experiments / experiments to test the hypothesis or prove a data / facts or
to solve a problem.
7. Summarize the results of an experiment / experiment

Basically, all the environmental conditions can be made and included in the teaching and learning process by using the experimental method because, in principle, the environment is a collection of data and facts that can be tested by experiment / experiment.

Experimental method can be applied not only in sciences excat but can also be applied to the science-social ulmu. In practice the experimental method is not only limited to the scope of the laboratory course but can also be practiced in the surrounding nature as a vast natural laboratory. (This article is an understanding of the ideas or opinions of the authors of the experimental method, if there are mistakes please improvement from readers)


12 April 2010 - Posted by | Pendidikan

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