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Perahu Negeriku Jangan Retak Dindingmu


(By Wahyudi,S.Pd)
Building a quality education at Way Kanan Regency is an imperative need to be implemented by all components of society that wants progress and changes in the Earth Ramik Ragom this beloved. From the top level leader until a layer of low end should be hand in hand poured all his ideas, energy and constructive ideas, unify and integrate the mission of fission and all differences and diversity toward a common goal of community life is decent, intelligent and qualified.

Quality education is the starting point of an order of social life are highly intelligent and civilized. To achieve such levels of the order of life, it takes a qualified Human Resources and have a superior competence, especially in terms of ability to think and work-oriented thinking and not simply the ability of muscle work, emotional, individualistic and materialistic alone. Thus the restructuring of education absolutely must be done. Education should be geared towards creating a situation so that students can learn and have the ability to think high phases. To achieve these conditions the current educational efforts should emphasize the establishment of student competencies that are preceded by a radical change of the culture of teaching today.

Listening to teach cultural journey that lasted until today, we must feel concerned and need to do in-depth reflection on the middle situasai and conditions experienced by most students when they followed the learning process. Duties of teacher as motivator, facilitator, mentor and coach and giver of affection should not be limited to theoretical jargon that is far from reality. Behold now the teacher’s role is limited to information providers, teachers are often positioned themselves as a resource, the command and transferring knowledge. Even still there are teachers who do not know about the various teaching models, methods and learning strategies. It is rare to encounter a teacher who with all your soul, devoted affection to guide their students seek knowledge, to develop talent and train their students possessed basic skills.
In essence the task of teachers is not to make the students become super great, but more than that a teacher must be willing to accompany and guide the students to grow naturally with great affection. Indeed only the grace of God which will make them become super powerful. So it is clear that the guidance and compassion will be far more meaningful than just pouring the formula and the definition of a student brain memory space. In principle, the learning process is not the same as pouring water into an empty glass, but learning is a process of reconstructing a learning experience to be a root of the concepts that will stick in the brains of students strong and growing as a tree of knowledge of the fertile and fruitful maturity of attitude, intelligence and excellence skill in dealing with various problems of life is increasingly complex.

It’s time to change the culture of teachers teaching with new missions that teachers must understand students’ development and pedagogical concepts, teachers must be able to place a variety of substantive differences in experiential learning, language and cultural differences, learning styles, talents and intelagensi as the basis to implement various teaching strategies. That requires teachers with superior characteristics so that he will be able to carry out his new mission in education. In order to get teachers with superior characteristics must start the process of prospective teacher education, teacher recruitment and quality control and supervision to teachers in implementing jabatanya as educators.

Teacher as a pedestal creation of quality education must always develop the ability and keprofesionalanya. Quality education starts from a qualified teacher. Teacher quality is the teacher who always reflect on what has been dilakukanya during the learning process and make improvements and develop innovative ideas in education.

Teachers as part of the scientific community must also always actively developing keilmuanya through self-development in every seminar, workshop and education and training. In addition, teachers also have to apply their knowledge in service to the scientific community through scientific research as mandated by the government in the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform No. 16 of 2009 and the Joint Regulation of the Minister of National Education and the Head of State Civil Service Agency No. 03 / V / PB/2010 and No. 14 of 2010 dated May 6, 2010. This regulation is required for teachers who will propose a promotion from Group III.b should do scientific research as outlined in the form of scientific papers, this is where the ability of teachers tested, up to where kebermutuan a teacher? Actually this is can we learn from the fact that many teachers who have classes IV.A kegolongan but can not rise higher because one persyaratanya is to develop scientific work, this is evidence that many teachers who have improved their quality.

Way Kanan regency government policies in improving the quality of primary school teachers by providing access and facilities and allocation of funds has been very precise. The teachers have been given the opportunity to continue learning up to level strata S1. Just how the teachers mensikapi this extraordinary policy, again the intention and ability of teachers themselves are tested, what they get through the S1 level of education? Do Science? Or just a piece of a diploma?

Restructuring in the field of education to create quality education can be done through a rigorous selection of prospective teachers, prospective teachers recruited should really have a high intelligence that can be known from the results of academic tests, announced in a transparent manner to the public. Academic tests and performance tests on a regular basis can also be applied to teachers who are civil servants have to know the extent to which development and academic progress so that the function of control and quality control to function properly.

Improved well-being or increasing teacher salaries is one of the factors that influence the quality of education, many people argue that teachers’ salaries are small cause to be lazy. This opinion is not entirely correct and can not be generalized, because in fact there are teachers who have a high spirit of devotion that even though his salary has been reduced to installment loans on the bank. Conversely there is also a teacher with a huge income just lazy busy to teach because of his personal business.
The other thing we should look at is the understanding of teachers in the curriculum, many teachers who complain every time the birth policy change curriculum, but curriculum change is the refinement and adjustment of education to the advancement of information technology and social change in a dynamic global society. There is also a teacher who considers curriculum change is just change the terms, format and textbooks as well as the composition of subjects. Teachers should respond to changes in curriculum as a change and improve the quality of behavior, attitude, mental, procedures, methods, techniques and models disajikanya learning to students towards the better. This is our common duty to build awareness of teachers in the face and respond to each change.

This is the dynamics of the education that we should examine in an effort to build a quality education in this beloved Earth Ramik Ragom. The participation of all levels of society, policy makers, implementers and supervise the application of the policy is decisive for the success and improvement of educational quality. All elements of society involved in education, must be proactive and have a high concern, responsible and have a full awareness of their duties and functions of each. With the intention of sincerity and sincerity and hard work, surely the aspiration to build a quality education at Way Kanan district will soon be realized.


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  1. You have made some really good points there. I checked on the internet for more information about the issue and found most people
    will go along with your views on this web site.

    Komentar oleh drum workshops | 18 Januari 2013 | Balas

  2. komentar drum workshop diatas jika diterjemahkan oleh google menjadi seperti ini: “Anda telah membuat beberapa poin yang benar-benar baik di sana. Aku memeriksa di internet untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang masalah ini dan menemukan sebagian besar orang akan pergi bersama dengan pandangan Anda pada situs web.”

    Komentar oleh abilyudi | 6 Februari 2013 | Balas

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